Ryan White Art

Ryan White Art

Meet the Artist


I am a steward, painting and ranching with my family in eastern Montana.  Early on, art became a primary vehicle to explore native landscapes and discover how our nature can restore them.  I have been fortunate to pursue my childhood passions in both art and ecology.  This provided opportunities to develop my trade in Central America, New Zealand, Europe, Africa,  and  North America, prior to graduating college.  On top of the bluff prairies over the Mississippi River, I graduated from Principia College with a BA in Environmental Science and Studio Art, and then got to work.


Being present in the natural world exposes a rare and reverent reflection of our own identity.  I consistently study and celebrate the relationships found in our environment throughout my work, and at time’s from another’s perspective more than my own.  As one will find traveling the world, thriving lands and human ingenuity are the life blood of our societies.  This is obvious to anyone near my hometown of Cohagen, Montana.  It are these native lands and people that directly inspire my work.  The relationship to land and community have always sustained my family, and it is also credited for the numerous art successes, awarded recognition and patronage, which art partners have helped me raise over the past 18 years.

Whether painting a landscape, a portrait, or wildlife, I believe firmly in respectfully representing my subjects.  I enjoy pushing the relationships of value, and space in each composition, and work in a variety of two-dimensional mediums.  Currently, one is likely to find me laboring among landscapes more than painting them.  There is no substitute for better knowing my next art composition than living within them.

CONTACT:   Ryan White Art    .    PO Box 84, Cohagen, MT 59322    .    4RyanWhite@gmail.com